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Type: Hair Care product
Appearance: "Bubble Buddy"
List of objects

Shampoo is a hair care product and drink that only appears in the episode "Bubble Buddy."


It is a light orange bottle of shampoo and was drank by Bubble Buddy in the episode of the same name.

Role in episode

SpongeBob said that the shampoo tasted funny and when Squidward tasted it, he called himself silly saying he got the "diet shampoo." Squidward brings out the regular shampoo and then SpongeBob asked if Bubble Buddy could also have a bendy straw. Squidward just bent it down the middle and stuck the straw in Bubble Buddy's "mouth."


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  • "Diet Shampoo" is also available.
  • The straw did not pop Bubble Buddy.
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