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The Servis Stashun is a service station located in the middle of nowhere.
The Servis Stashun
It's run by a hillbilly and you can tell because the sign has a bunch of misspellings (deliberately put there). SpongeBob and Patrick push the car to this service station. The hillbilly says lots of things are wrong with the car. Apparently it's right next to a rundown playground.


The Servis Station looks to be like an old building in the middle of nowhere. It has a building with the sign and a tire on the roof, a can to the side of it. There's a fence on the left of the screen in the background and another to the right of the screen. The station has a gas pump with a barrel next to it. A pile of tires is over to the left of the car.

Location description

The station's location is unknown, but it is presumably pretty far away from anything. A sign read FOOD: 30 MILES  HOTEL: 40 MILES SERVICE STATION: Probably pretty far. It's right next to a playground, which is in very bad condition and also covered in mud.

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