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SpongeBob Production Music Seaweed03:14

SpongeBob Production Music Seaweed

General Information
Composer(s): Steve Belfer
Introduced: Jellyfishing
List of associated production music

Seaweed was composed Steve Belfer. It is most commonly used as a theme for Patrick, but is also used for SpongeBob as well.


# Episode Scene
Season 1
006 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy SpongeBob and Patrick enter Shady Shoals.
008 Squeaky Boots "SpongeBoy MeBob!"
011 Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost SpongeBob and Patrick take Squidward outside.
012 Employee of the Month "Hey, Squidward, going somewhere?"
013 Scaredy Pants At home, SpongeBob talks to Gary while carving the pumpkin.
017 Rock Bottom SpongeBob sees the candy machine.
018 Walking Small "Isn't it great to get the things you desire?"
020 Hooky Patrick tells SpongeBob that they are going to play Hooky.
Season 2
021 Your Shoe's Untied "Now the lesson will officially begin."
022 Something Smells "I just don't get it."; SpongeBob smells Patrick's breath.
024 Dying for Pie Squidward tells SpongeBob about the "Part two" to his gift.
027 Life of Crime "Where'd my candy bar go?"
029 Survival of the Idiots "Hi there, SpongeBob, my name is PAT-BACK!"
Dumped "Gary, you stop this foolishness right now!"
035 The Secret Box Patrick giggles and plays with the box.
037 I'm With Stupid In the kitchen, SpongeBob sees that Patrick truly thinks he is dumb.
Season 4
062 The Lost Mattress SpongeBob and Patrick are seen wearing steak costumes.
063 Have You Seen This Snail? SpongeBob reads the form letter.
064 Good Neighbors SpongeBob sees Squidward's newspaper issues on the pavement.
069 Krusty Towers Patrick comes into the hotel.
074 Bummer Vacation Patrick comes into the Krusty Krab for his new job.
076 The Thing SpongeBob and Patrick are at Squidward's door.
Hocus Pocus SpongeBob shows Squidward card tricks.
077 Driven to Tears SpongeBob reports Patrick for speeding.
079 The Pink Purloiner SpongeBob tries to catch Patrick holding the net.
080 The Gift of Gum Patrick puts Gummy above SpongeBob's front door.
Season 5
082 Night Light SpongeBob explains to Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy that they were not trying to summon them.
083 Rise and Shine Patrick tries to find out where the ringing is coming from.
085 New Digs "SpongeBob! Why's your bed in me office?!"
086 Roller Cowards "I had a bad dream last night." / "Me too!"
Bucket Sweet Bucket "This isn't what I meant by renovation!"
089 Sing a Song of Patrick "I want to send in a poem!"
093 Picture Day Patrick is seen with a jar of jelly.
097 The Battle of Bikini Bottom "Well, then, I guess we can't be friends."
098 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? Patrick's cake gets ruined; Patrick knocks on SpongeBob's door.
Season 6
103 Suction Cup Symphony Patrick breaks his butt.
104 Not Normal SpongeBob visits Patrick to see if he could teach him to be weird again.
105 The Splinter SpongeBob calls Patrick.
106 Sun Bleached "You don't look too good."
107 Giant Squidward "I know, I know!"
112 Choir Boys "What a lucky break!'
113 The Card SpongeBob sees Patrick and his counting book.
116 To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants "Hello, can I help you?"
117 Shuffleboarding "For Neptune's sake, SpongeBob!"
119 Overbooked Patrick tells SpongeBob about his birthday party.
125 Pineapple Fever "SpongeBob, this seems like a strange time to start decorating."
126 The Clash of Triton Patrick unlocks the cage.
Season 7
127 Tentacle Vision Patrick moves the camera up and down.
130 Model Sponge Patrick is seen taking SpongeBob's refrigerator.
136 A Day Without Tears SpongeBob calls Patrick.
143 The Great Patty Caper SpongeBob and Patrick return to the train.
144 That Sinking Feeling "I knew you two reprobates were behind this."
Karate Star "SpongeBob! Just the man I was looking for!"
145 Buried in Time Patrick races to the Time Capsule to bury a rock.
146 The Abrasive Side SpongeBob walks home and sees Patrick.
149 You Don't Know Sponge SpongeBob and Patrick make noises.
150 The Wreck of the Mauna Loa SpongeBob and Patrick walk to their secret hideout.
151 New Fish in Town "Did you see the way those curtains jerked shut?"
Season 8
158 The Googly Artiste Patrick sells more of his rock art.
159 A SquarePants Family Vacation Patrick sprays the camera.
164 Pet Sitter Pat "Well, it's just you and me!"
165 House Sittin' for Sandy "Tell me again what it is you're gonna do."
166 Bubble Troubles SpongeBob and Patrick blow hot sauce bubbles.
Season 9
203 Salsa Imbecilicus SpongeBob stuffed in a locker.
Plankton Pays Patrick as a nurse.
feature film
/ The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water "Hey, it's raining fries!" ; "Hey, now it's raining pickles" ; "Ha ha, now it's raining..."

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