Sea unicorn


Sea unicorn wall hanger

Interests: Riding on Rainbows
Physical appearance
Gender: female (possibly)
Color: White with a blue tail and a golden horn
Eye color: Turquoise
Classification: Unicorn
Friends: SpongeBob SquarePants
Series information
First appearance: "Bossy Boots" (Wall hanger)
Latest appearance: "Wishing You Well" (Physical appearance)
"Bulletin Board" (On Pearl's drawing)
List of characters

A Sea unicorn appears in the episode "Wishing You Well." He also makes a small cameo in "Bossy Boots."


Sea unicorns are white with a light blue tail and a golden horn.


A sea unicorn appears when SpongeBob sings the song "Down the Well." He appears when SpongeBob says, "Although every day the pain grows, you'll ride unicorns on rainbows, if you throw all your dreams down the well."


  • Sea unicorns closely resemble seahorses.
  • In "Bossy Boots," Mr. Krabs has $20 sea unicorn wall hangers in his re-designed office.

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