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Sea rhinoceros are dangerous wild creatures who first appear in the episode "The Camping Episode" and later in the online games Camping Chaos! and SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis Squareoff. They are deterred by Anti-Sea Rhinoceros Undergarments. These creatures are attracted to the sound of a sea bear attack, possibly picking up dead meat (like vultures), if the sea bear has killed and/or eaten anything and has something left over. They are about twice the size of a sea bear. The sea rhinoceros is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


The sea rhinoceros has a large sea turtle body, a shark tail, two spikes on its back, a rhino head, and dark gray skin.


The only known way to prevent a sea rhino attack is to wear Anti-Sea Rhinoceros Undergarments. anti-sea-bear circles will not provide protection from these creatures.


  • The sea rhinoceros may be based on a mythical sea monster featured on many medieval maps of the world.
  • It was also based off of a real-life rhinoceros, given the name and similar design.