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Sea rhinoceros
Sea rhinoceros
Residence: Pacific Ocean
Interests: Attacking creatures who have been attacked by a sea bear
Aliases: Sea rhino
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Dark gray (with light tan horns)
Eye color: Black
Enemies: Squidward Tentacles and anyone else who has been attacked by a sea bear
Series information
First appearance: "The Camping Episode"
Latest appearance: Camping Chaos!
Portrayer: Dee Bradley Baker
List of characters

Sea rhinoceros are dangerous wild creatures briefly mentioned and shown in the episode "The Camping Episode." They are large with a body like a turtle and a rhinoceros' head. They are deterred by Anti-Sea Rhinoceros Undergarments. These creatures are attracted to the sound of a sea bear attack, possibly picking up dead meat (like vultures), if the sea bear has killed and/or eaten anything and has something left over. They are easily twice the size of a sea bear. The sea rhinoceros is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. One sea rhinoceros is shown at end of "The Camping Episode" as a minor antagonist.


The sea rhinoceros has a large sea turtle body, a shark tail, two spikes on its back, a rhino head, and dark gray skin.

Attracting a sea rhinoceros

Sea rhinos are attracted by the sound of a sea bear attack.


The only known way to prevent a sea rhino attack is to wear Anti-Sea Rhinoceros Undergarments. Anti-Sea Bear Circles will not provide protection from these creatures.

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