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SpongeBob in disguise in the "Sea Chicken Sack"

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Mr. Sea Chicken

The Sea Chicken Shack is a fast-food restaurant that appeared in the episode, "The Masterpiece." It is major competition to the Krusty Krab, like the Kelp Shake stores were in the episode, "Best Frenemies," and like the Chum Bucket is. It is owned by Mr. Sea Chicken. It could be a parody of KFC.


The Sea Chicken Shack looks like an old building with the restaurant's name on a sign surrounded by flashing lights on top of it. Inside, it is pretty empty. There are metal tables and rotting wood platforms as chairs for diners. At the order counter, it is simply a large barrier with a computer and cashier. A pull-down sign says the "No headbands" policy. SpongeBob criticized a bad safety rating and said it smelled like "a tuna bathed in algae after running a marathon."

Most notably, a huge statue of the owner, Mr. Sea Chicken, is right next to the Sea Chicken Shack for kids to play on.


  • Chicken
  • Chicken Sandwich


Mr. Krabs, in attempt to take back the title as "Best restaurant in the sea," he decided to build his own statue of himself like the one at the Sea Chicken Shack. In the end, the "statue" was just Mr. Krabs standing very still and painted.

It is unknown if the Sea Chicken Shack is trying to compete with the Krusty Krab.

The Sea Chicken Shack has a commercial.


  • The reason people come here often even though it is not very appealing is that kids want to play on the statue of Mr. Sea Chicken luring their parents to come with them.
  • The actual statue of Mr. Sea Chicken is only 4' 9'.

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