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Scottish Fish
Residence: Scotland, United Kingdom
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Light blue (body)
Lavender (fins)
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish
Series information
Appearance: "Patty Hype"
Portrayer: Tom Kenny
List of characters

The Scotsman is a scottish fish who was a customer at SpongeBob's Pretty Patties Stand. This character has only appeared in the episode "Patty Hype."


The Scotsman's body is colored light blue with lavender fins. He wears a brown hat and shirt that have a row of Scottish green color. The pants he wears are also Scottish color green. He has a black colored belt and shoes. On his back, he carries bagpipes.


The Scotsman went to the Pretty Patties Store and ordered a Scottish plaid colored patty. He later came back to the Pretty Patties place and complained about his body turning plaid color.


  • He likely comes from Scotland.
  • He is never seen playing the bagpipes on his back.

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