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Scorched Coral

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Scorched Coral
Scorched Coral
Industry: Retail store
Location: Bikini Bottom Mall
Employment: Nocturna (sales associate)
Gothic Whale (sales associate)
Products: Gothic products
Appearance: "Mall Girl Pearl"
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Scorched Coral is a store seen in the episode "Mall Girl Pearl." It is a retail store located in the Bikini Bottom Mall.


Scorched Coral heavily resembles a large mine on the outside and the words "Scorched Coral" are painted at the top center of it. Whenever their phone rings, the phone screeches like a little girl.


During the episode, Scorched Coral is first seen after Pearl calls one of her friends, Nocturna, who works there. Later, Pearl attempts to get a job here but another whale ends up getting the job before her. The whale growls at Pearl and Pearl leaves the store after this.

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