The Bikini Bottom Sanitation Police is a part of the Bikini Bottom Police Department. They are given the assignment to keep Bikini Bottom free from an unhealthy environment. Making their only appearance in the episode "Sentimental Sponge," a pair of officers arrive at SpongeBob's residence to condemn it, as it was a threat to public health.



Their uniforms are the same as the standard ones, but they wear green shades and their club is visible. Other officers have clubs, just not showing.


This specific branch of the police appears to have the same equipment as ordinary police. A loudspeaker and "Do Not Cross" tape are seen along with visible clubs on their waist. The vehicle appears to look advanced and heavily customized for their work.


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A comparison between a normal Police Officer (in this case, Officer John) and a Sanitation Officer.

  • The officer duo have the habit of talking through the loudspeaker in front of Squidward, making a running gag in the episode.
  • One of them looks very similar to Officer John Slugfish.