Sandy Evil-Cheeks is Sandy's evil twin from the Bikini Bottom 2 universe and only appears in the comic of the same name.


She looks a lot like Sandy, but she has a few different features. Her fur is brown, she has a large bushy tail, a dark brown mohawk, and buck teeth. Her suit is black with a skull instead of an acorn symbol, and her shoes are cleats. She also has a jetpack, as seen in the picture.


She first appears at the beginning of the comic where she busts out of the treedome, causing it to start to leak. SpongeBob thinks that it is his Sandy, but he is quickly corrected. Sandy Cheeks sends SpongeBob to Sandy Evil-Cheeks' universe to find her Dimentional Portal Machine, while she catches Sandy Evil-Cheeks and makes sure she doesn't do anything evil.

Later, after SpongeBob meets Super SpongeBob SquarePants, he mentions that Sandy Evil-Cheeks is his and Patrick Man's enemy.

After SpongeBob presses the reverse button on Sandy Evil-Cheek's Dimentional Portal Machine, the two Sandys appear.

She finally appears after SpongeBob has summoned several different versions of the main characters. She slaps her head after SpongeBob realizes that he is the superhero.


She may have had the same or a similar backstory to Sandy up to when she entered Bikini Bottom. Unlike Sandy, who uses her scientific powers for research, she used them for evil.