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Sandy's Vacation in Ruins

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A SquarePants Family Vacation short №: 1
Airdate: November 12, 2011
Spongebob squarepants Sandy's Vacation in Ruins05:02

Spongebob squarepants Sandy's Vacation in Ruins

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"Sandy's Vacation in Ruins" is a SpongeBob SquarePants A SquarePants Family Vacation short. In this short, Sandy takes SpongeBob to see some ancient ruins, and they meet some amazing robot toilet cleaners.



SpongeBob says that he couldn't wait for the ancient rains. He also brought an umbrella. Sandy tells him that it is the ancient ruins. They come to a huge sand castle which is the ruins. Sandy takes a picture. They are inside. They first see the Charted Caverns of Lameria. Sandy then tells SpongeBob not to touch anything. Then SpongeBob pulls a sandy toilet plunger. Then a twirly square hole comes and they walk in. They both wonder which way is top and bottom. Spongebob says that the top is behind them. Then they both fall through the hole. They float down onto the floor. SpongeBob finally stops screaming. They come to a holographic projector. Sandy touches it. A crystal comes out. The crystal zaps Sandy's tail and bones are seen. The zap zaps another crystal and it shines on two diamonds. The diamonds come together in a tube shape. Three balls are shot out. They turn to robots. Two of them zap SpongeBob and Sandy. They float in zap bubbles to a room. It was full of creations. One of the statues hold the room together. Literally, A robot tells them that they wern't the civilazation itself, but rather built by the civilazation for janatorial needs. However once desaster struck killing the great civilzation, they were the only ones left, so they built their own civalization. However SpongeBob accedentaly destroys the statue that is delicate. The room falls apart. Then the whole building fell apart. Two days later, They get out of the rubble. The robots aren't happy. SpongeBob feels sorry for them. The robots were sitting at a campfire with wieners wondering what to do now. So, SpongeBob gave them jobs as janators at the Krusty Krab explaining to Mr. Krabs that he wouldn't have to pay them.


  • 2 Days Later

Cultural References

  • The civilization SpongeBob and Sandy visit could be a parody to the Myans or Aztecs.

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