Sandy's hedge clippers are a pair of hedge clippers that belonged to Sandy, before Mr. Krabs stole them. They only appear in the episode "Life of Crime."


The hedge clippers are a pair of blades with handles joined together with a screw. The blades are gray in color, and the handles are made of brown wood. At the bottom ends of the handles, there are an acorn's cupule, and there is a green leaf attached to one of the handles.

Role in episode

When SpongeBob and Patrick are talking to Mr. Krabs about the things that he stole, one of the items they ask him about is Sandy's hedge clippers, which Patrick holds.


  • Despite Sandy originally owning hedge clippers, her treedome is never depicted having hedges.
    • It is likely that she used them to clip the leaves of the various other plants shown in her treedome.

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