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Sandy's Western ancestor
Residence: Dead Eye Gulch (most likely), Pacific Ocean
Physical appearance
Classification: Squirrel
Ancestors: Dark Knight
Descendants: Grandpa Cheeks
Pa Cheeks
Rosie Cheeks
Randy Cheeks
Sandy Cheeks
Sandy (possibly)
Earl Cheeks and other woodchuck descendants
Friends: Pecos Patrick
SpongeBuck SquarePants (possibly)
Series information
Appearance: "Saloon Door Sorrows"
List of characters

Sandy's Western ancestor is one of Sandy's ancestors who only appears in the short "Saloon Door Sorrows."


Sandy's Western ancestor looks like Sandy, but wears a cowboy hat instead of a flower.

Octavius rex2
"Octavius Rex, a.k.a. long, tan, and handsome!"
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Squirrels (VE)

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