If you were looking for the article about the one robot, then see Sandy's Robot (What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?).

Sandy's Robots are a large group of robots created by Sandy Cheeks.


Sandy's Robots have a light blue colored metallic surface with red parts that mainly make up their joints. They have a square head with two glowing eyes and a mouth. Their bodies have a storage cavity as seen in "Squirrel Record," along with two claw-like arms and two box shaped feet. In some episodes the robots have wheels.


House Sittin' for Sandy

When Sandy went to a science convention in "House Sittin' for Sandy," she left SpongeBob in charge of her treedome and told him to "Count each and every robot to make sure none are missing." Eventually the robots went on a rampage and destroyed Sandy's Treedome.

Squirrel Record

In "Squirrel Record," the robots were seen helping Sandy try to beat every single record in The Guinness O'Ripley Enormous Book of Curiosities, Oddities, and World Records, until she found out that she had not beaten any records.

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