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Salmon Sal The Taffy Pal is a fair booth that appears in the episode "The Whole Tooth." It is one of the booths at the Bikini Bottom Fair.


Salmon Sal The Taffy Pal is a pink building with a rectangular hole at the front for fairgoers to eat taffy. This hole is surrounded by mainly light green boards, however, one light orange board is jutting out at the bottom. Below that board is a short red awning. Above the hole is another red awning. On the top of the roof is a green sign surrounded by lightbulbs that reads, "Salmon Sal The Taffy Pal." On the top of the sign is a giant, orange-striped taffy.

Role in episode

At the beginning of the episode, SpongeBob and Patrick are seen eating here, until Patrick starts to get intense amounts of pain in his mouth.

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