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Salad Bar
Mr. Krabs Standing Next To Salad Bar In The Krusty Krab
The Salad Bar, as seen in Culture Shock
Location: Krusty Krab
Products: Salad
First appearance: "Culture Shock"
Latest appearance: "New Digs"
List of places
EotM-vg- saladbar

The Salad Bar, as seen in the video game "Employee of the Month".

The Salad Bar is a salad serving in the Krusty Krab. The Salad Bar is a red-colored stand with various trays of vegetables to make a salad. It has blue windows to keep the vegetables fresh. It was first seen in Culture Shock. It was free during that episode, but then Mr. Krabs changed the price to $1.00 when people paid him at the talent show to get tomatoes to throw at Squidward.

Pearl also served salad at The Kuddly Krab in the episode Bossy Boots.


The Salad Bar made its first appearance in "Culture Shock." Then, salad was served in "Bossy Boots." It was not seen, but briefly mentioned in the episode: "My Pretty Seahorse" when Mystery the Seahorse mistakes the safe for the Salad Bar. It made its most recent appearance in the episode: "New Digs," when Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to clean it up.


  • It is unknown if the salad bar is still at the Krusty Krab.
  • The salad bar is a reference to the Pizza Hut salad bar in restaurant locations.
  • If the salad bar makes another appearance in a future episode, it may look different.
  • There was a salad bar in the video game Employee of the Month (video game), but it looked different then it did in "Culture Shock."

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