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The Sailor Stings were composed by Michael Bolger and Nicolas Carr. There are 32 variations.


Sailor's Sting 1

Sailor's Sting 2

Sailor's Sting 3

Sailor's Sting 4

This Sailor's Sting is now used as a regular Krusty Krab track, mostly replacing tracks like The Tip Top Polka/The Cliff Polka.



Sailor's Sting 5

Sailor's Sting 6

Sailor's Sting 7



Sailor's Sting 8

Sailor's Sting 9



  • . "SpongeGod" - Patrick asks what SpongeBob would do if he were a god; "And that's what I could do." (High pitched)

Sailor's Sting 10

Sailor's Sting 11



  • . "Moldy Sponge" - Krabs gives SpongeBob a bag of moldy sponges; Krabs throws SpongeBob in the dumpster.

Sailor's Sting 12

Sailor's Sting 13

Sailor's Sting 14

Sailor's Sting 15

Part 1 (Version 1)
Part 1 (Version 2)
  • 153a. "Accidents Will Happen" - "You... faker!"
  • 164a. "Barnacle Face" - Pearl lists the thing she needs to get rid of her barnacle.
  • 171a. "Karen 2.0" - "Careful, Mr. Krabs, this still could be a ruse." (Low pitched); "I don't ever want to see that low-life again as long as I live." (Low pitched)
  • 171b. "InSPONGEiac" - "You're an insomniac!"
  • 173a. "Squiditis" - "What?!" (Low pitched)
  • 180a. "Patrick-Man!" - "What?!"
  • 184b. "Evil Spatula" - "You're gonna be missin' a job if you don't get in that kitchen!"
  • 185. "It Came from Goo Lagoon" - Mr. Krabs angrily goes inside the Krusty Krab.
  • 186a. "Safe Deposit Krabs" - "Oh, why did I come to this uninhabitab-b-ble island."
  • 207b. "House Worming" - "When's the last time you took a bath, boyo?"
  • 213b. "Lost and Found" - Little kid still crying.
Part 1 (Version 3)
  • 172a. "Face Freeze!" - Mr. Krabs catches SpongeBob and his frozen face.
  • 180a. "Patrick-Man!" - "What?!"
  • 193a. "Sanctuary!" - "Squidward, have you lost your ever-lovin' mind?"
  • 207b. "House Worming" - Mr. Krabs reads Prickles' legal claim.
Part 2
Part 3
  • 171a. "Karen 2.0" - "Well, if isn't little-miss homewrecker."
  • 173a. "Squiditis" - Squidward goes to break the news to Mr. Krabs.
  • 174b. "For Here or to Go" - "We can't stall 'em any longer."

Sailor's Sting 16

Sailor's Sting 17

Sailor's Sting 18

Sailor's Sting 19

  • 166b. "The Way of the Sponge" - SpongeBob sadly tells Squidward he failed his karate exam. (Low pitched)
  • 181b. "Squid Baby" - SpongeBob begin to cry after Mr. Krabs tells him to get Squidward out of the Krusty Krab.
  • 196b. "Married to Money" - "Oh, I've been alone for so long."
  • 201b. "Bulletin Board" - "What's wrong?"

Sailor's Sting 20

  • 171a. "Karen 2.0" - "You'll get your Krabby Patty when I'm good and ready!" (Low pitched)
  • 171b. "InSPONGEiac" - "You're not your usual sharp self."
  • 184b. "Evil Spatula" - Mr. Krabs gives SpongeBob a fake formula.
  • 193a. "Sanctuary!" - "You can't abandon ship!"
  • 193b. "What's Eating Patrick?" - "And that means all your "trainin'" patties, just became plain "eatin'" patties."

Sailor's Sting 21

  • 138a. "The Play's the Thing" - Singy-Eaty Time with Squidward Tentacles; the ending.
  • 174b. "For Here or to Go" - "Today only! The Krusty Krab presents our first annual bun seeds guessing contest!"
  • 209a. "SpongeBob's Place" - Mr. Krabs sees that SpongeBob's house has been converted into a restaurant.
  • 227a. "Drive Happy" - SpongeBob playing accordion.

Sailor's Sting 22

Sailor's Sting 23

Sailor's Sting 24

Sailor's Sting 25

Sailor's Sting 26

Sailor's Sting 27

Sailor's Sting 28

Sailor's Sting 29

  • 138a. "The Play's the Thing" - Start of play; "He had promise until he came to work here..."; "But, who will refill the empty chasm in my soul?"; "No ketchup! That's terrible!"; "And then, there's my skinflint boss."
  • 170a. "Free Samples" - "Not this time, boy."

Sailor's Sting 30

Sailor's Sting 31

Sailor's Sting 32