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Sadie Rechid

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Sadie Rechid
Sadie rechid
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Sadie Rechid is an orange and tan fish. She is a common cameo character, and also a current citizen of Bikini Bottom. She has a light purple dress and she wears lipstick. Sadie has also been shown wearing a watch, seen in Chocolate with Nuts, and a pink handbag in The Thing. Her husband is Fred. Sadie has only one known child, Baby Rechid, but she might be the mother of Tommy, Susie, Tyler, or Isabelle. In the episode Ditchin', she was serving ice cream. There is also a pink version of Sadie who appears as a nurse. She is usually very nice and caring, but sometimes can be a bit mean. Sadie also has a pet snail. In many episodes, she can be seen doing different jobs.



  • She is a common background character.

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