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S.S. Diarrhea

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S.S. Diarrhea
Type: Vehicle
Mentioned: "Squilliam Returns"
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The S.S. Diarrhea is only mentioned by Mr. Krabs in the episode "Squilliam Returns."


It is a boat where Mr. Krabs was the head chef. Little is known about it other that Mr. Krabs worked there and that it presumably sells horrible food.


Squilliam Returns

Mr. Krabs was asked by Squidward if he served on a restaurant called the S.S. Gourmet which he said he did. He later reveals that he mistook Squidward for saying S.S. Diarrhea and that he cleaned the bathrooms of the S.S. Gourmet.

Pull Up a Barrel

It is very likely that the ship Mr. Krabs was on in "Pull Up a Barrel" was actually the S.S. Diarrhea. However, Mr. Krabs knew how to cook food on that ship, though the food probably caused cramps and diarrhea, hence the name.

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