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SüngerBob Karepantolon is the second and current Turkish dub of the SpongeBob SquarePants series. It is part of International SpongeBob SquarePants. It replaced the former dub, SüngerBob KareŞort, in 2012.


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Original name Translated name Voice actor
SpongeBob SquarePants SüngerBob Karepantolon

SüngerBob KareŞort (very rarely)

Fatih Özkul
Patrick Star Patrick Yıldız Hakan Akın
Squidward Tentacles Squidward Dokunaç Sinan Divrik
Eugene H. Krabs Eugene Yengeç (Bay Yengeç) Ender Yiğit
Sandy Cheeks Sandy Cheeks Oya Prosçiler
Gary Gary N/A
Sheldon J. Plankton Sheldon Plankton Uğur Taşdemir
Karen Karen Ezel Kalkan
Didem Atlıhan (Second movie)
TBA ("Pineapple Invasion" and "Salsa Imbecilicus")
Mrs. Puff Bayan Puff TBA
TBA ("Demolition Doofus")
Pearl Pearl TBA
Larry the Lobster Istakoz Larry Uluç Özkök (generally)
Mermaid Man Denizkızı Adam TBA
Berk Avcı ("Night Light")
Barnacle Boy Midye Oğlan Levent Ünsal
TBA (other episodes)
Gökhan Özdemir ("Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture")
Flying Dutchman Uçan Hollandalı TBA
Man Ray Işın Adam

Man Ray


Berk Avcı ("Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go!")
Dirty Bubble Kirli Baloncuk

Kirli Kabarcık ("Have You Seen This Snail?")

Berk Avcı ("The Bad Guy Club for Villains")
Patchy the Pirate Korsan Patchy Berk Avcı
TBA ("Feral Friends")
Potty the Parrot Papağan Potty TBA
TBA ("Feral Friends")
Margaret SquarePants Margaret KarePantolon TBA
Harold SquarePants Harold KarePantolon TBA
Grandma SquarePants Büyükanne KarePantolon TBA
Betsy Krabs Betsy Yengeç TBA





Dubbed title Original title Premiere
SüngerBob KarePantolon The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie May 13, 2005
SüngerBob KarePantolon: Suyu Süngerle Sil The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water February 6, 2015



Deleted Scenes

  • In the episode "Whale of a Birthday" after SpongeBob said "You're a good dad, Mr. Krabs" the episode instantly ended, leaving out Mr. Krabs' line "Don't push your luck, boy."
  • "The Getaway" title card is mistakenly cut.
  • In the HD broadcast, ending credits are cut.
  • Some deleted scenes in "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" sometimes shown and sometimes skipped, if correct.
  • The famous gasoline scene from "Just One Bite" is cut.
  • "Oh, my aching tentacles!" line of Squidward in "Pizza Delivery is cut.
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Theme Song

SpongeBob Intro in Turkish (Very High Quality!)

SpongeBob Intro in Turkish (Very High Quality!)


  • In Digiturk (a Turkish satellite television provider) "Squiditis" is listed as Squid's Disease.
  • "Unreal Estate" and "Code Yellow" premiered in Turkey, before the US on March 14, 2017.
  • In the Turkish release DVDs; there aren't an episode selection menu, any bonus features or international stuff (except for movie DVDs).
  • In the episode "Spot Returns", Plankton's voice is higher pitched.


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