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Rusty's Rib Eye

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Rusty's Rib Eye
Foundation: Restaurant
Founder: Rusty Rickets
Employment: Rusty Rickets (fry cook)
Products: Rusty on Rye sandwiches
First Appearance: Séance Shméance
Latest Appearance: Séance Shméance
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Rusty's Rib Eye is a place that appeared in the episode Séance Shméance.


The history of Rusty's is unknown. It's likely that Rusty's was around when Old Man Jenkins was young. It was also likely that it suffered the same faith as Stinky's or more likely, Rusty died and it was closed down. Old Man Jenkins would not taste a Rusty on Rye again, until SpongeBob brought back Rusty Rickets from the dead in the episode Séance Shméance.

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