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If you were looking for the article about the snail, then see Electric Ronnie.
Ronnie The Shark
Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Dark lavender and light gray
Eye color: Black
Classification: Shark
Friends: Sharkface
Series information
Appearance: "Sharks vs. Pods"
Portrayer: Clancy Brown
List of characters

Ronnie is a shark who is a member of The Sharks. He only appears in the episode "Sharks vs. Pods."


Ronnie is a dark lavender and light gray shark who wears a black leather jacket with a light yellow shirt inside it. He has long thick hair with some shiny light purple showing on it.


When Sharkface intoduces the sharks, Ronnie takes a hairbrush and brushes his hair. The Sharks get SpongeBob to join their group and take a ride in their car. While on the road; they pass some girls screaming and tying themselves with a jump rope, a fruit vendor throwing a heap of fruit in their car and yelling, and finding out their favorite club won't let them in. When SpongeBob starts to have concerns about the Sharks, they egg him on and question why he doesn't trust them, with Ronnie calling him a "maybe baby". When SpongeBob meets the Sharks at the playground, it is known that the Sharks are not actually fighters. After finding out this was a dance showdown, not a fighting showdown, SpongeBob is much calmer and determined to win the showdown with the Sharks. In the end; the Sharks, the Pods, and the police all win and jump in the air.

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