Romantic Comedy: The Movie is a movie that appears in the episode "Squiditis."


It is a black tape with the name of the movie (Romantic Comedy The Movie) written in pink and purple capital letters. There is a purple border next to the name, where a red heart appears on top of the letters.

Role in episode

When Squidward fakes a sickness, SpongeBob goes to his house and watches this movie.


  • Female: I love you.
  • Male: I know.
  • Female & Male: [both engage in laughing]
  • The End


  • There are currently 99 sequels.
  • Both Mr. Krabs and Squidward dislike this movie.
  • SpongeBob is shown to like romantic movies, although this one.
  • A VHS tape of the first movie and the 99 sequels exist.
  • There are 100 films of this franchise in total.