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Roger when hatched.

Roger (Egg) was a chicken egg (later a chick) featured in the episode "New Student Starfish". He is the boating school's class science project (which is odd because it is a boating school, and science isn't taught). In order for Roger to live he needs a working lightbulb hanging above him. Roger is held in a glass box with a light bulb hanging above him. There is speculation that Roger might not be a "good" thing, because after SpongeBob loses is Good Noodle Star he calls himself a Bad Egg. At the end of the episode Roger's egg hatches into a Chick. The chick then says "What did I miss?" (Unlike Sandy, the chick can talk underwater, without a helmet).

According to SpongeBob the purpose of Roger is to teach the students the meaning of life. Roger's shell represents the fragile line between life and death when behind the wheel of a boat. The light bulb on top of Roger represents knowledge; without its energy Roger would die, (and without knowledge a driver can die too). His only quote is "Hey, what'd I miss?!"

Roger asking

Roger asking what he missed.

He seems to be footage of a real chick posted in with the animation.

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