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Roger The Octopus
Occupation(s): Bouncer for the Cephalopod Lodge
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Turquoise
Classification: Octopus
Friends: Squidward
Enemies: SpongeBob and Patrick
Series information
Appearance: "Cephalopod Lodge"
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Roger is a turquoise octopus who appears in the episode "Cephalopod Lodge," this episode is his only appearance.


He is a large octopus who wears a red robe and the standard Cephalopod's hat. His nose is even more bulbous than Squidward's.


He is a member of the Cephalapod Lodge, exclusive to other cephalopods like himself. He came in the Krusty Krab to tell Squidward about the night's meeting at the Lodge. However, he becomes angry with Squidward accusing him of bringing SpongeBob and Patrick along and banned him from the club.

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