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Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Awards: Snail Award
Physical appearance
Color: Brown/Gray
Classification: Rock
Friends: Patrick Star
Series information
First appearance: "The Great Snail Race"
Latest appearance: "Patrick's Staycation"
List of characters
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Rocky in "Buried in Time"

Rocky is a rock which Patrick thought was a snail.


Rocky the "rock" is brown in color and is the same size as a snail (Gary, Snellie, and Larry Luciano) Also, it looks like a scaled down version of Patrick's rock.


Patrick entered Rocky in a snail race competing against Gary and Squidward's snail, Snellie. Somehow, it actually won the Snail Race. It somewhat resembles a snail, but with a rock for a shell in the episode, "The Great Snail Race."

In "Buried in Time," Patrick wants to donate Rocky to the Time Capsule. In this episode, however, Rocky is lumpy and gray, maybe meaning that he somehow got older.


Title Role(s) in episode
"The Great Snail Race" (tr) Debut
"Buried in Time" (tr) Cameo
"Patrick's Staycation" (tr) Cameo


  • In "The Great Snail Race," Rocky did not move but at the end he was last seen on the finish line.
    • Perhaps the Mayor put Rocky at the finish line.
    • Rocky could have won by Patrick helping him along the track without stepping on the track himself, but that begs the question of why Patrick wasn't disqualified for setting foot on the track.
  • According to Patrick, Rocky has nerves of steel. Patrick even kept saying "I know, I know, he's got nerves of steel."
  • In "Buried in Time," Rocky looks lumpier and he is gray.
  • Patrick could actually own three Pet Rocks. Two are named Rocky and One is named Pete.
  • Rocky was also in the beginning of "Patrick's Staycation." When SpongeBob said "Ooh, a shadow puppet show," Patrick said, "SpongeBob, please." While holding a rock that looked like his own.
  • Rocky is a smaller version of Patrick's rock, only without an antenna.

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