Rock Bottomites are the inhabitants of the town of Rock Bottom. They are based on real-life deep-sea creatures, and are just as strange as they sound. They have a different language, though the only difference is that they make noises with their tongue (raspberries) in between sentences. They appear in the episodes "Rock Bottom" and "Out of the Picture," as well as the Employee of the Month video game.

The creatures

Rock Bottom

  • Angler Fish
  • A gulper eel
  • A strange orange creature
  • The creature's 3 children
  • A donkey-like shark
  • A serpent
  • The information creature
  • A large eight-eyed beast
  • Gargling-sounding fish
  • An ugly sea horse
  • A green puffer fish
  • Many other unusual-looking creatures

Employee of the Month


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