If you were looking for the article about the episode, then see Rock Bottom.

Rock Bottom Bus Station is Rock Bottom's bus station where SpongeBob SquarePants goes to find out when the next bus to Bikini Bottom will arrive. The bus station first appeared in the season one episode "Rock Bottom" as well as the video game Employee of the Month.



The building appears to be a sunken submarine. The words "bus station" are written in red, and there are yellow lights.


The interior is made using mostly blue metal. Inside are benches, plants, a standard TV, a vending machine, a clock, and an information window.


After SpongeBob failed to get on the bus leading to Bikini Bottom numerous of times, he decided to go inside of the Bus Station to get some help. However, SpongeBob had to wait a long time before getting to the window to get help. The manager was the only one seen working there and SpongeBob could only speak to him by speaking the Rock Bottom language (which is ending every sentence with a raspberry). Unfornately for SpongeBob, the bus had already left and the manager closes down the Bus Station. An upset SpongeBob tried to get the manager to get another bus to come but left as soon the lights were turned off.


  • There is a vending machine inside the bus station. However, it has only appeared in the video game The Yellow Avenger.

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