Robo 2.1 is the robot that SpongeBob gave Patrick as a gift in the episode "The Gift of Gum" for Best Friends Day.


He appears in "The Gift of Gum" when SpongeBob gives Patrick him for Best Friends Day. Throughout the rest of the episode, he correctly states what SpongeBob is doing to get rid of Gummy, Patrick's gift to SpongeBob.

The Gift of Gum 020

Robo 2.1 becoming Patrick's servant.


  • Makes pastries
  • Gives "advice"
  • Has a fan
  • Follows its master
  • Gives massages
  • Teaches how to use a fork
  • Can give an explanation as to why SpongeBob tries to get rid of Gummy


  • This robot is similar to portable Karen Plankton of the first post-movie seasons, as it is not plugged in, and runs on a battery.
  • It acts and sounds almost like the droid C-3PO from the Star Wars series.

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