Squid Vicious is the third boss, exclusively for the Game Boy Advance version of Battle for Bikini Bottom.


Squid Vicious' appearance is like a big metallic version of Squidward. The head has six big metal screws sticking out, two for each side of the head. The body resembles Squidward's shirt with a removable panel on the middle. Four holes that resemble shirt sleeves are present on both sides of the robot. Unlike Squidward, the robot lacks tentacles and instead have four metallic versions of his hands and suction cups hovering.

Role in games

Battle for Bikini Bottom

In the GBA version of Battle for Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob meets Squidward at the Industrial Park. After Squidward asks SpongeBob on what he was doing, he see and hears a blue music note fall down and commented on its beautiful sound. SpongeBob suddenly notices the giant robot that was standing near them the whole time, calling it "another big ugly robot". After destroying the robot, Squidward complains on how SpongeBob destroys everything that is beautiful while also insulting his lack of taste in music.

In the console version, a different version of the boss can be seen as an unlockable concept art.


The robot will send one of its spiked metallic hands downward after following SpongeBob for a while. SpongeBob has to use the seahorse to eat the bomb robots and ride on the hand as it rises back and immediately vomits the bomb out to damage the head. Occasionally, the robot will shoot music notes that will explode upon contact.

After three hits, the head will fly around while shooting music notes. The tactic remains the same. Occasionally, an underwear will appear in the middle.


Squidvicious concept

Unlockable concept art in the console version.

  • The boss was originally set to appear in the console versions of Battle for Bikini Bottom. However, he was not included in the final game.
    • Concept art about the fight can be viewed in the game, however no files within the game can be seen about the fight, suggesting that the boss never went past the concept art.
  • Oddly enough, unlike all of the bosses in the GBA version, Squid Vicious artstyle is rather pure sprite art rather than prerendered sprites.

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