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Transcript Information
Friend or Foe short №: 2
Airdate: April 5, 2007
Previous: "Can't Swim"
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This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants Friend or Foe short "Remodeling," which aired on April 5, 2007.

  • [At Goo Lagoon where Krabs and Plankton are building sand castles.]
  • Plankton: Well, the inside is done and ready for action.
  • Mr. Krabs: [Puts a yellow flag on the top] Perfect. [giggles]
  • Fish: You call that a castle? [points to his castle with a movable sand train going in and out] This is a castle.
  • Mr. Krabs: Wow, that's impressive.
  • Fish: Duh. Here, let me help you do some remodeling. [jumps on their castle. Krabs and Plankton smile at each other] What are you smiling about?
  • Plankton: Oh, uh, just this. [a spring from underneath the sand sends the fish flying] Bullies are so predictable.

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