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Reef Cinema (also known as The Reef) is a theater in Bikini Bottom near Barg'N-Mart. It commonly shows Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy movies.


The Reef Cinema is a small theater, located down the street from Wigs and Hairpieces. Tickets are purchased at an outside window after waiting in line. The lobby includes a snack bar, restrooms, and walls decorated with movie posters. The snack bar sells PopKelp, three kinds of candy, and soft drinks. Flanking the snack bar are the doors that lead to the theater which are shaped like tiki heads. The 42-seat theater (Now 62-seat theater) is tiki-themed to match the exterior and lobby.


One night, SpongeBob brought in some Peanut-Onion Sundaes and shared it with Patrick. When the two ran around the restroom shouting "We Stink!", the resulting toxic cloud melted the cinema. Also in F.U.N., Plankton runs into the screen, breaking it, and ending the movie early.


  1. White- long sleeves Polo
  2. Blazer/Jacket/Coat/Ut Vert
  3. Black Pants (Boys), Leggings (Girls like Monroe's Mom .)
  4. White pants, White Longishirt, Green apron and a Cap (Snacks bar employee)

List of movies


  • In "Something Smells" SpongeBob and Patrick's bad breath burns it down, but it appears in later episodes.
  • In Dying for Pie, the bomb destroyed the cinema.
  • In Don't Look Now, SpongeBob & Patrick come to the cinema to watch a scary movie.

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