Reef Cinema
Industry: Movie Theater
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Norma Rechid
Snack Counter Guy
Cinema Anglerfish
Products: Chips
Pop Kelp
Kelp Cola
First appearance: "F.U.N."
Latest appearance: "Don't Look Now"
List of places

Reef Cinema (also known as The Reef) is a theater in Bikini Bottom near Barg'N-Mart. It commonly shows Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy movies.



The Reef Cinema is a small theater, located down the street from Wigs and Hairpieces. Tickets are purchased at an outside window after waiting in line.


The exterior of the building has sort of a triangular shape with moss on the top of the building. There is a huge sign saying Reef Cinema and underneath the Reef Cinema sign is a sign that says boats. On the corners of the cinemas, tikis can be seen.


The lobby includes a snack bar, restrooms, and walls decorated with movie posters. The snack bar sells PopKelp, three kinds of candy, and soft drinks. Flanking the snack bar are the doors that lead to the theater which are shaped like tiki heads. The 42-seat theater (now a 62-seat theater) is tiki-themed to match the exterior and lobby.

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