Recipe for a Krabby Patty was a recipe book for the Krabby Patty. It only appeared in the episode "Plankton's Army."


The book is yellow and its title is seen in blue font. A Krabby Patty is seen on both the front and back covers. The Krabby Patty on the front separates the word 'recipe' from the rest of the title.

Role in the Episode

In order to steal the formula, Plankton hired and received help from his entire family tree filled with his cousins. Unlike other attempts, this time, he was able to find and steal the book while the Krusty Crew and Mr. Krabs were caught off guard. Mr. Krabs warned him of an ingredient that will haunt Plankton forever. Plankton ignored it, and he and his cousins found out that the top secret ingredient was none other than ground plankton. Plankton and his gang stormed out of the Krusty Krab, screaming in fear and surprise. Squidward asked Mr. Krabs if it was actually the ingredient. Mr. Krabs replied with a no, explaining that this decoy was only to prevent Plankton from trying to steal it for some time.


  • It's impossible to put a book into a bottle.
  • Plankton takes the book from the bottle, by his hand, and he didn't break the bottle. If one goes frame by frame, they can see how the book is getting smaller when it's about to come out.

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