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Raw Sewage

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Raw sewage

It looks like a Krabby Patty but it's made by Plankton.

Raw Sewage is a burger made by Plankton, to finally make a Krabby Patty without always failing. It only appears in the episode "Patty Caper." In that episode, Plankton tells SpongeBob that he is on a list in the alphabet, and that he is on the letter R, and to steal the Krabby Patty Formula.

At the beginning, SpongeBob thought that Plankton stole the secret ingredient for the Krabby Patty, until he finds out that the burger isn't a real Krabby Patty and just a failed duplicate attempt.


The Raw Sewage burger looks similar to a Krabby Patty except it's darker in color. It also has green sauce on it which resembles raw sewage.


  • After SpongeBob and Patrick left the Chum Bucket, Patrick must've eaten the burger, as there was bad breath smell coming out of his mouth.
  • The Raw Sewage Patty looks very similar to the Nasty Patty created by SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs in the episode "Nasty Patty."

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