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Randy Cheeks
Residence: Texas, USA
Interests: Rodeos
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Classification: Squirrel
Siblings: Sandy Cheeks (twin sister)
Parents: Pa Cheeks (father)
Ma Cheeks (mother)
Grandparents: Grandpa Cheeks
Grandma Cheeks
Cousins: Earl Cheeks and the other Woodchuck cousins
Unnamed Scottish Cousin
Ancestors: The Dark Knight
Western Cheeks
Other relatives: Rosie Cheeks (grandaunt)
Series information
Appearance: "Rodeo Daze" (mentioned)
List of characters

Randall "Randy" Cheeks is Sandy's twin brother, the son of Pa and Ma Cheeks, the grandson of Grandpa Cheeks, the cousin of Earl Cheeks and the Unnamed Scottish Cousin, the grandnephew of Rosie Cheeks, and a descendant of Dark Knight and Western Cheeks. He lives in Texas and participates in rodeos. He was only mentioned in the episode "Rodeo Daze," when he sent a letter to Sandy about an upcoming rodeo.

Abilities and talents

He can do everything that Sandy can do.


He was born to Ma and Pa Cheeks with his twin sister, Sandra Cheeks.

At some point in his life, he was introduced to rodeos.


Sandy gets a letter from Randy telling her about a rodeo.

Rodeo Daze 17

Randy's Letter in a bottle stuck inside SpongeBob


Sandy Cheeks

His relationship with his sister seems to be a fairly strong one. He has at least paid enough attention to her life to both know where she lives and invite her to rodeos.

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