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Rabbit Toy
Physical appearance
Color: Light blue body, dark pale teal clothes, orange hat
Eye color: Light yellow with black pupils
Classification: Plush rabbit
Friends: SpongeBob SquarePants
Squidward Tentacles (possibly)
Patrick Star (possibly)
2-Headed Sea Serpent Toy
Sea Horse Toy
Ms. Nibsy
Series information
Appearance: "Skill Crane"
List of characters

The Rabbit Toy is a toy SpongeBob wins out of the crane game. It only appears in the episode "Skill Crane."


It is light blue with a small black nose, oval light yellow eyes, and big floppy ears. There appears to be something similar to a banana peel on its head. However, this could also be its hair, or possibly a hat. It is a very big stuffed toy. It has large buck teeth and a dark teal shirt with buttons.


  • This is the fourth toy SpongeBob wins and the largest one he wins from the crane.

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