Queen Mildew was Patrick Star, Gary the Snail, and Sam Star's great great grandmother.


She was light blue with black hair, she also had teal lips. Her scleras were light orange with a black pupil. She wore a pink hat and a pink dress.


She was born to an unknown King and Queen.

When she was an adult she married King Amoeba.

With him, she had Princess Tulsa and Prince Callous


She only appears in "Rule of Dumb" on the family tree.


Star Family (VE)

Gary the SnailHerb StarMargie StarPrincess TulsaPatrick StarPrince DingusKing AmoebaMaw TucketQueen MildewSluggoYorickBilly Bob StarPrince CallousCarlSam StarPrimitive StarPatarPecos PatrickPatrick RevereEdPatron

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