The Queen Jellyfish, also known by her Latin name, Cnidaria Regina, is a giant female jellyfish that is the ruler of all the jellyfish, along with her husband, the King Jellyfish. She first appears in the episode "Jellyfishing" and is later mentioned in the episode "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic." She also appears in the video game SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis.


The Queen Jellyfish looks like a regular jellyfish, except she's much larger. Her sting is also much more powerful. In SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis, she is almost the same, but with a crown. She has six large dark magenta spots and seven tentacles.


She appears to be mean or at least protective when it comes to the other jellyfish, and she doesn't like when people bother her children, making her aggressive towards a person.

Abilities and talents

Like most jellyfish, her tentacles are electric. Unlike most other jellyfish, she can shoot electricity.

Role in series

She first appears in the episode "Jellyfishing". In that episode, SpongeBob and Patrick take Squidward jellyfishing. He finds a jellyfish and tracks it until it lands on the Queen Jellyfish. Squidward does not know that it is the Queen Jellyfish. He catches the jellyfish and in victory and repeatedly hits the Queen Jellyfish until she gets up. She goes over Squidward and he "runs" away. Eventually, it ends with her zapping him.

At the end of the episode, she returns after being summoned by the same jellyfish from the previous day and zaps him again.

She is later mentioned in the episode "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic". In Jellyfish Fields, after SpongeBob passes all of Kevin C. Cucumber's tests, he says that they are going to catch the Queen Jellyfish as SpongeBob's final test. It should be noted that he actually says "a Queen Jellyfish," not "the Queen Jellyfish." This means that there are others, possibly for each species of jellyfish.

SpongeBob is then used as bait for the jellyfish. He claims that he has never seen a Queen Jellyfish before. The Jellyspotters leave, and for hours, SpongeBob calls for the Queen. When he gives up, he notices what he thinks is the Queen Jellyfish. Later, SpongeBob finds out that it is a ship and what the Jellyspotters' true intentions were. They make fun of him and the King Jellyfish arrives. He thinks that it is the real Queen Jellyfish, only to later find out that it is not.

After SpongeBob saves the day, Kevin says that SpongeBob is still not a member of the Jellyspotters because he did not catch a Queen Jellyfish. The other Jellyspotters take off Kevin's "crown" and give it to SpongeBob, making him a member.

She later appears in SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis.


  • King Jellyfish - He is her husband. He rules alongside her.
  • Dragon Jellyfish - He is a possible ancestor of the Queen Jellyfish. If he is an ancestor, this might explain where the Queen Jellyfish got her electricity powers.
  • Other jellyfish - she is most likely the mother of all of the smaller jellyfish.


She is the queen of all of the jellyfish.


  • The concept of a Queen Jellyfish is somewhat similar to the Queen alien from the popular film series Alien.
  • Although mentioned several times, and a mechanized one is seen, the Queen Jellyfish is never actually seen in "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic."