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Queen Jellyfish
General Information
Address: Pacific Ocean
Interests: Stinging people
Occupation(s): Queen of the Jellyfish
Physical Appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Pink with Dark Pink Spots
Friends: All Jellyfish
Enemies: Squidward Tentacles
Series Information
First appearance: Jellyfishing
List of characters

The Queen Jellyfish is, as the name implies, the "queen" of all of the jellyfish. The Queen appears at the end of the episode Jellyfishing and stings an injured Squidward. Also, the jellyfish is only mentioned in the episode I'm Your Biggest Fanatic, as Kevin C. Cucumber uses a machine to imitate the queen and scare SpongeBob. She was also seen in the game SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis.


The Queen Jellyfish looks like a regular jellyfish, except she's much larger. Her sting is also much more powerful. But in the Atlantis SquarePantis video game, she is almost the same, but with a crown.

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