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Puffy Fluffy is a character who first appears in the episode "A Pal for Gary" as the main antagonist. He reappears in the online game Gary's Revenge.


Puffy Fluffy is a nudibranch who can transform into a vicious snake head fish/Dunkleosteus form. In each version, he is very different.
Puffy Fluffy showing off his long sharp teeth in front of Gary

Scary normal version

Normal version

  • Big shiny light purple eyes
  • Long eyelashes
  • Cyan fins and tail
  • Pink and puffy lips
  • Light green fluffy body
  • Pink blushes on both cheeks
  • One small triangular tooth
  • Does not get along with other pets
  • Plump shape

Vicious version


Monster form

  • Long, giant, slender, and sluggy (round) light green body
  • Creepy eyes
  • Long, jagged teeth
  • Multiple tongues with mouths inside
  • Light blue giant fins and tail
  • Tongues tend to be sensitive to pain (as seen when Gary yanks the tongues)

Role in episode

SpongeBob buys Puffy Fluffy so that Gary will not be lonely while he is at work. He takes him from a nudibranch seller, despite her warnings that he is unstable and dangerous around other pets. SpongeBob names him Puffy Fluffy and is angered with Gary's scared behavior towards his new "friend." SpongeBob fails to notice anything wrong with Puffy Fluffy, despite Gary acting very abnormal around him.

SpongeBob blames Gary for everything the new pet does, even when seeing him in monster form when Gary is wrapped up by his tongues and almost gets eaten. Despite almost being eaten too, SpongeBob remains oblivious towards the situation.

Puffy Fluffy ends up running away after Gary ties up his tongues together with a leash. As a result, SpongeBob blames Gary for making Fluffy run away, despite the pet being dangerous and nearly eating them.


  • Nudibranchs, a species to which Puffy Fluffy belongs, are actually sea slugs.
  • His multiple tongues might be a reference to the Graboids from the sci-fi film Tremors.
  • When getting Puffy Fluffy from the gypsy, the nudibranch seller says something about the pet being dangerous. This is possibly a reference to the movie Gremlins, in which a man buys a strange pet from a Chinese shop owner, who refuses to sell it to the man because it is dangerous.
  • Puffy Fluffy tries to eat SpongeBob at one point, which is appropriate since real nudibranchs eat sea sponges.
  • He is the only main episodic character from season 7 who does not appear on the cover of the Complete Seventh Season DVD.
  • Due to the vivid resemblance of Puffy Fluffy to mogwai (and gremlins), it is probably midnight or after midnight when he transformed (because of eating). This is the same case as the mogwai from Gremlins.
  • In Croatian dub, his name is "Čupavko," which means "Hairy."

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