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Protogenerator 2000
Producer: Sandy Cheeks
Type: Machine
First appearance: "Overbooked"
Latest appearance: Sandy's Sponge Stacker
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The Protogenerator 2000 was one of Sandy's inventions that has the ability to clone SpongeBob. It appears in the episode "Overbooked" and the online game Sandy's Sponge Stacker.


The Protogenerator 2000 appears to be a large machine that greatly resembles a stove. It has many buttons on the front and a large opening at the bottom where the clones come out of. You can choose how many clones you want to have created.


This machine is used to clone any subject that is placed. It can make one to three clones at a time, making more people to do their things. SpongeBob was used as a test subject when Sandy wanted to demonstrate the project.

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