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Princess Pearl Krabs I
General Information
Occupation(s): Princess of Bikini Bottomshire
Physical Appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Grey
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Whale
Part Crab
Children: William Krabs
Parents: King Krabs
Ancestors: Prehistoric Krabs
Descendants: Eugene H. Krabs
Pearl Krabs
Redbeard Krabs
Sally Krabs
3 Unnamed Descendants
Victor Krabs
Friends: SpongeBob
Enemies: Planktonamor
Series Information
First appearance: "Dunces and Dragons"
Portrayer: Lori Alan
List of characters

Princess Pearl Krabs I was a princess of Bikini Bottomshire sometime before the 12th century. She is an ancestor of the modern day Krabs family, including Eugene H. Krabs and Pearl Krabs. She resembles the modern day Pearl Krabs. She appeared in the episode, "Dunces and Dragons."

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