Princess Pearl Krabs I
Princess pearl
Occupation(s): Princess of Bikini Bottomshire
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Gray
Eye color: Blue
Classification: Whale
Part Crab
Children: Western Mr. Krabs
Parents: King Krabs
Ancestors: Prehistoric Krabs
Descendants: Eugene H. Krabs
Pearl Krabs
Redbeard Krabs
3 Unnamed Descendants
Victor Krabs
Friends: SpongeBob SquarePants
Patrick Star
Pet(s): Possibly the leech
Enemies: Planktonamor
Karen the Crystal Ball
Series information
Appearance: "Dunces and Dragons"
Portrayer: Lori Alan
List of characters

Princess Pearl Krabs I was a princess of Bikini Bottomshire sometime before the 12th century.


She appears nearly identical to Pearl except with a few minor differences. Her hair is the same as Pearl's, but instead of being in a ponytail its in small curls piled on the top of her head. She is seen wearing a tall cone-shaped princess hat with purple and lavender stripes. A long, flowy light teal ribbon is situated at the top of her hat. She wears a long pink dress similarly colored to Pearl's attire that goes up to her feet. The dress has short puffy sleeves and a thick dark pink line going across the waist. Unlike Pearl, she doesn't wear boots, and instead her feet are bare.


She is an ancestor of the modern day Krabs family, including Eugene H. Krabs and Pearl. She resembles the modern day Pearl. She only appears in the episode "Dunces and Dragons."


  • "Daddy! Help!"
  • "Don't you get it? These two are the knights in the prophecy!"
  • "I'm okay!

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