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Princess Neptuna

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Princess Neptuna
Princess Neptuna
Residence: Pacific Ocean
Occupation(s): Princess
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Light orange body color and pink and white dress
Eye color: Pale crystal blue
Classification: Fish
Pet(s): Unnamed Snail
Series information
Appearance: SpongeBob and the Princess
List of characters

Princess Neptuna is a royal fish. She has never made an appearance in the series, but was the focal point of SpongeBob and the Princess.


She is a light orange colored fish, with a pink dress, and a golden crown, accompanied by a fancy, purple snail, on a diamond leash. She signs a picture for Squidward, and gives a nice comment on SpongeBob's appearance.


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  • Most Bikini Bottomites think of her as famous by rolling out the red carpet, they are not even sure if she was coming.

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