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Primitive tapeworm

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Primitive tapeworm
Primeval tapeworm
Physical appearance
Color: Green & yellow
Eye color: Dark green
Classification: Tapeworm
Enemies: Squidward (possibly)
First appearance: "SB-129"
Latest appearance: "SB-129"
List of characters

The primitive tapeworm only appears in the episode "SB-129," swimming beside Squidward. As the worm swims by Squidward, Squidward brushes himself off and replies, "Whoa! I guess this is before manners were invented!"


The worm has light green skin, but there is some burnt yellow mixed in. It has green eyes, and burnt yellow patterns on its slender, flat body. It also has a small, dark green line on its back.


  • "SB-129" is the primitive tapeworm's only appearance.
  • The primitive tapeworm only appears for a second.
  • It is probably an ancestor of Tapeworm or even Earworm or probably even both. If both, then that would make both Tapeworm or Earworm distant cousins.

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