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This is the page about Primitive Sponge. If you were looking for the article about SpongeBob's other prehistoric ancestor, then see SpongeGar.

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Primitive Sponge
Residence: Prehistoric Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Interests: Playing with primitive jellyfish
Education: Minimal jellyfishing training from Squidward
Aliases: Prehistoric Sponge
Prehistoric SpongeBob
Primate Sponge
Past SpongeBob
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Yellow (with light olive green holes)
Eye color: Light blue
Classification: Sponge
Descendants: Every known member of the SquarePants Family except Grandma SquarePants and Margaret SquarePants
Friends: Primitive Star
Enemies: Squidward Tentacles
Series information
First appearance: "SB-129"
Latest appearance: "Ugh" (cameo in a clip)
Portrayer: Tom Kenny
List of characters

The Primitive Sponge[1] is seen in the episode "SB-129" and briefly in a clip at the end of "Ugh." He is SpongeBob SquarePants' ancestor. He is revealed when Squidward attempts to find a quiet place to play his clarinet. At first, the meeting between the two is awkward yet calm; he even sniffs and plays with Squidward's arm out of curiosity.

When a jellyfish swims by, he becomes afraid and ran away, screaming with Primitive Star. He is later seen holding a jellyfish and being continuously stung by it, screaming and passing it to Primitive Star. Squidward becomes annoyed at their screams and tells them they are supposed to catch the jelly, not torture themselves with it. Taking a stick and loincloth from both primitives, Squidward crafts two Loincloth jellyfish nets and shows them how it works. Both primitives take the nets and run after the jellyfish while Squidward goes back to his clarinet playing. This, however, proves to be a bad decision, as neither primitive finds the sound very pleasant and they angrily pound their chest and chase Squidward back to the time machine.


The Primitive Sponge has a large sloping forehead and a large ape-like mouth with a notable overbite, his teeth are large and thick. He wears a loin cloth that can be replaced upon tearing. And like SpongeBob and SpongeGar, he is square and yellow, but looks quite different from both sponges.


  • Willingly getting stung by a jellyfish (witnessed by Squidward)
  • Jellyfishing (caused and created by Squidward)
  • Making Loincloths (possibly; A new one appeared as he gave Squidward the loincloth.)
  • Destroying sources of annoying/high pitched sound (Case in point. Squidward's clarinet)  
  • Finding himself in wild predicaments (For example, many of the memes he appears in detail an embarrassing situation, shown by his expression)



The Primitive Sponge is not very smart. He could not talk as Bikini Bottom citizens of today. Instead, he communicates by growls and whimpers. His high tolerance for pain is what keeps him holding onto the angry jelly and repeatedly getting stung. He views Squidward as their leader. He is not to be confused with SpongeGar SquarePants, a slightly more intelligent sponge. He also looks very crazy when noticing Squidward.


  • He and Primitive Star briefly appear in the episode "Ugh" when the "When Worlds Collide" song happened.
  • Primitive Sponge is believed to be an ancestor of SpongeGar and SpongeBob.
  • Unlike SpongeBob and SpongeGar, Primitive Sponge is not known to have any pets.
  • The kelp he eats is possibly an ancestor of SpongeBob's present day pineapple.
  • Primitive Sponge seems to dislike Squidward. This is ironic because the modern day SpongeBob likes Squidward. It can be explained, however, by the following.
    • Primitive Sponge could have been angry at Squidward when he plays his clarinet badly.
    • Primitive Sponge could have just been territorial.
  • Unlike SpongeBob, Primitive Sponge has no eyelashes and has two saber-tooth tiger teeth instead of two buck-teeth.
  • Considering the fact that Squidward made the first two jellyfishing nets, it might be connected to when Squidward comes back to present time SpongeBob and Patrick saying that Squidward invented jellyfishing.
  • Primitive Sponge became a meme in 2014 and became fairly popular in the spring and summer seasons of 2016. Most people who use the meme often confuse him with SpongeBob's other prehistoric ancestor, SpongeGar.


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