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Prehistoric Krabs

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Prehistoric Krabs
One of the Prehistoric Krabs
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The Prehistoric Krabs' were one of the small crabs that Patar ate with his stick in the episode "Ugh". The only words the Prehistoric Krabs say are "Money, haggle." It has the same exact characteristics as Mr. Krabs. Patar liked to eat them, the episode has shown him eating them by burning them and eating them in one gulp.

Looks and Habitat

The Prehistoric Krabs are miniature and prehistoric versions of Mr. Krabs. They have the same eye shape as Mr. Krabs, and they have big meaty claws. They only have one tooth on their bottom jaw that sticks up over their top lip. They are only seen in the episode "Ugh". The Prehistoric Krabs dwell under rocks. They also think about money, much like the present Mr. Krabs.


  • They are the only creatures in the prehistoric times that don't speak in caveman talk.
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