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Money! Money! Ooga booga! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Ooga boo...Agh!
— One of the Prehistoric Krabs roaming around, "Ugh"
Prehistoric Krabs
One of the Prehistoric Krabs
Aliases: Mr. Krabs' Prehistoric Ancestors
Physical appearance
Gender: Male and female
Color: Crimson red
Eye color: Black
Classification: Crab
Descendants: Everyone in the Krabs Family except Mama Krabs and Laurette Krabs
Enemies: SpongeGar and Patar
Series information
First appearance: "Ugh"
Latest appearance: Deep Sea Smashout
Portrayer: Clancy Brown
List of characters

The Prehistoric Krabs were small crabs that Patar ate with his stick in the episode "Ugh."


The Prehistoric Krabs are miniature and prehistoric versions of Mr. Krabs. They have the same eye shape as Mr. Krabs and have big, black bushy eyebrows with big claws. They only have one tooth on their bottom jaw. They are only seen in the episode "Ugh."


The only word that the Prehistoric Krabs say is "Money." They have the same exact characteristics as Mr. Krabs, being single-minded in a goal to obtain money, and they also look and sound like him. Patar enjoys eating them, the episode has shown him eating them by burning them and eating them in one gulp. The Prehistoric Krabs dwell under rocks. They also think about money, much like the present Mr. Krabs.


  1. "Ugh"
  2. Deep Sea Smashout


  • They are the only creatures in the prehistoric times that don't speak in caveman talk. 
  • The Prehistoric Krabs seemed to be the only crabs with a real life appearance.
  • The only word they can say is "Money."
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