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Prehistoric Gary

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Prehistoric Gary
Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean, During the Mesozic Era
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Pink Shell, Blue Body, Green Belly.
Eye color: Red and light green.
Descendants: Gary
Other relatives: Possibly Sluggo, Patrick Star, Sam Star, Herb Star, Billy Bob Star, Pecos Patrick, Cletus Star, and Ed Star
Friends: SpongeGar and Patar
First appearance: "Ugh"
Latest appearance: "Ugh"

Lights, Camera, Pants! (game)

Portrayer: Tom Kenny
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Prehistoric Gary is a huge version of Gary only seen in the episode "Ugh." He is extremely large with spikes on his shell. He is owned by SpongeGar. He is first seen when SpongeGar leaves and says, "Bunooga ready! Tabunga, Gary." Gary doesn't move. SpongeGar says more sternly, "Gary, tabunga!" Gary finally obeys. He knows Squog is very afraid of him. Prehistoric Gary leaves slime trails everywhere which annoys Squog. His slime trails is commonly known as "tabunga" among the trio. Prehistoric Gary also appears in Lights, Camera, Pants!, but wasn't a huge monster. Also, when the mouse rolls over him, captions aren't seen.


Prehistoric Gary basically looks the same as Gary, but is larger. The only real differences are that Prehistoric Gary has light green spikes coming out from his shell, has a Stegosaurus-like tail, and sports a thick unibrow. (Almost like Squilliam's) Squog often slides on Prehistoric Gary's slime trail and goes around in circles. It is shown that Prehistoric Gary hates Squog just like Gary hating Squidward in the present, as it is shown when Prehistoric Gary hits Squog with his eyestalk.


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