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Occupation(s): Supervillian
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Blue
Eye color: Black
Classification: Prawn
Enemies: Mermaid Man
Barnacle Boy
Series information
First appearance: Battle for Bikini Bottom
Latest appearance: SpongeBob's Truth Or Square
Portrayer: Doug Lawrence
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Prawn is a mini boss that fights in the Mermalair during the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom. According to the game, Prawn put all of Mermaid Man's white clothes in the washer with a red sock, making all of his clothes pink.


Prawn is a long blue shrimp with a mustache, a big nose, black tuxedo, 2 arms and feet, and a tail.


Prawn has appeared in two games in the SpongeBob series. He first appears in Battle for Bikini Bottom, where he forces SpongeBob to fight him. In this game, he is the same size as Plankton and carries a large backpack with a large tube on it. He reappears briefly in Truth or Square inside a giant glass jar in the Mermalair. He was located in the exact spot where he was defeated in the previous game. In this game, he is referred to as Man Ray or Dr. Shrimp by SpongeBob for unknown reasons, but SpongeBob is fooled and is identified as Prawn.


  • Prawn has a French accent.
  • Prawn gets the name "Prawn" from a type of shrimp.
  • Prawn is the only boss the player faces in the Mermalair.
  • Prawn's battle is similar to the battle with Dingodile in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped.
  • Prawn's is the only non-robot boss in the game exclusive to the game.

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