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Christmas Who 003

Potty with technology

Potty as Assistant Manager

Patchy and Potty (Clay Motion) at It's a SpongeBob Christmas!

Residence: Patchy's House, Encino, Los Angeles, California
Occupation(s): Co-host with Patchy the Pirate
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Dark green
Eye color: Black
Friends: Patchy the Pirate
Enemies: Patchy (Sometimes)
Series information
First appearance: "Christmas Who?"
Latest appearance: "SpongeBob Moves In!" (cartoon; "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!")
Portrayer: Stephen Hillenburg (2000-2004)
Paul Tibbitt (2005-2012)
Mr. Lawrence (2016-present)[1]
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Potty the Parrot is Patchy the Pirate's pet parrot. Potty is a crudely designed marionette with very obvious strings. He is very obnoxious, and normally annoys and talks back to Patchy. Potty was originally portrayed by SpongeBob SquarePants series creator Stephen Hillenburg until 2004. After Hillenburg left the show for a while, crew member Paul Tibbitt was given the role of voice acting Potty in 2005. On September 10, 2015, Vincent Waller said in a Twitter reply that there were no plans of making Stephen Hillenburg voice Potty again.[2] Later, on March 10, 2016, Vincent Waller said in another Twitter reply that Stephen Hillenburg has expressed interest in not being the voice of Potty.[3]


Character concept

Potty is a marionette parrot character in the series and the co-host of Patchy the Pirate and appears in every episode that features Patchy.

Rivalry with Patchy

Despite being labeled as Patchy's friend, Potty is a frequent pest to Patchy, and is often an antagonist in his live-action segments, although they usually make up by the end of the episode.

In "Shanghaied," he shot Patchy out of a cannon. In "Ugh," Potty ruined Patchy's Cave Man Show by becoming a futuristic cyborg and bringing in a robot. At the end of the show, Potty gives Patchy a pet T. rex as an "apology present." In "Friend or Foe," Patchy and Potty get into a fight while working as fry cooks, temporarily ending their friendship, which makes Patchy upset. Patchy compares this to how Plankton and Mr. Krabs became enemies, starting the main story of that episode. In "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!," Patchy finds Santa's Workshop, but it turns out to be a Polar Bear's cave while Potty manages to find the real Santa's Workshop.


Potty has been damaged and/or destroyed on multiple occasions, but always returns in the next scene or episode. In "Christmas Who?," Patchy cuts the strings that Potty is attached to, causing him to fall to the ground. Later in that same episode, Patchy pulls on the strings, causing what seems to be a cast member to fall from the ceiling. Again in the same episode, Potty had eaten so much cookie dough that his entire body falls from the weight, leaving only his head intact. At the end of the "Patchy's Pick" segment from "Shanghaied," Potty is blown up by dynamite, which again causes his whole body to fall, including his head.


  • In Croatian dub, his name is Pero, which means "fether", and it's a common name for a bird in Croatia.


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